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April 14, 2007



Ver-ry nice looking HK. Had I found one looking like that, I may have purchase it, rather than my DPMS LR308B. ;-)

Jay G

Okay, Jim, now I need to clean the drool off my keyboard... :)

VERY nice gun. There's just something about a .308, isn't there? :)


Where'd you pick it up? And (if I may, gauche--I know) how much will I have to shell out to compete with your clearly superior firearm buying prowess?


I went the other way for B.A.G. Day - bought the lady love a Kel-Tec P3AT (.380). You could hide at least two of them in one of your rifle magazines, and they weigh less than 14 oz loaded...

Upon the advice of that gunny-engineer par excellence, Chris Byrne, just ordered pocket holstery for same from DeSantis holster. Also picked up one of their holsters for my NAA Guardian in .32NAA, a nasty little spitfire.


Also did the R2KBA thing by purchasing some goodies from Red's Trading Post in Twin Falls, ID. If I bemember correctly, this is the outfit that the BATFE is harassing these days, so I figgered they'd need some extra bidnez.

Did you order any of those German G-3 5-magazine shoulder pouches (with magazines, the Analog Kid got 5 NEW mags with his last order) from Sportsman's Guide yet?

Jim Kratzer

Hey Jim;

I ordered and am awaiting my 30-day wait on a Springfield Armory .45 ACP. I should be able to pick it up @ 4/25 - 4/30.
Does that count for BAG Day? I DID use part of the refund to get it!

The Mad Yank


Fantastic purchase! That is a sweet ride you got there.
If you find that it beats up your cheekbone a bit, just make some spacers for the stock.

Very nice!


Sweet! I've owned the original HK91 since the pre-ban days. Great design and fun to shoot. A very serious piece of hardware.


Nice. Too bad I don't have the money for anything like that. I am saving up for a S&W Model 19 though.

Still, I tried to do my bit to promote the cause:



You lucky bastard!

Well, not luck. Prepared bastard!

I'm saving up money for the time when I'm back in civilization, and I think I'll have to be looking at a sister of your newest boomstick.

Unless I can find a 1903. I don't care what else is out there, I want a 1903A3 so bad it hurts. Ah, only a year and a half left until I can return to normal.


Where'd you pick it up?

Ditto, the owner of my local gunshop has been trying to get one for me for a couple of weeks now.


After listening and reading the deluge of anti-gun BS the past two days I've been scouring the net for someone who makes sense. I think I found a soul mate in you. Thanks for the encouraging words. I think I'll call my FFl dealer tomorrow.


A G3 with wooden furniture!!! *drools*

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