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April 27, 2007



Mr. Simpson should watch his back...I'm just sayin'

Guy S.

Hey Jim, great post!

Try living up this way (yeah I know I live 90 miles west of Chicago, but it's close enough). Hizonor, Da Mayor, proves you can be even more corrupt then his father, and more heavy handed (remember Meig's Field?) but not have nearly the same class, or charisma. His dad Richard J Daley, had the power and used same. But there was no doubt in his mind or anyone else's, he WAS Da Mayor. Daley *lite* seems to constantly need to re-assure himself he's "Da Mayor". So, one day you wake up and there is no Meig's Field. Or he has a burr in his saddle about guns (handguns in particular) and *poof* no more handguns for the good people of Chicago (though it doesn't seem to have appreciably lowered the amount of same in the hands of those who want to use guns for evil.

In short, The father would never had done this, he was of that generation who saw first hand what happens when a country/government removes the citizen's right to defend themselves (both German and Russian versions). The son for heaven knows what reason(s) hasn't or won't learn that lesson. And the sad thing is We The People are the real losers in the end.

Molon Labe indeed.

PS: there is still some hope for the rest of the state especially all points south of Interstate 80.

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