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April 05, 2007



And here's to many more... I guess I'll join you in having one.

*He says, as he's snipping the end from a Monte Christo torpedo*

Happy Birthday, and all my best,


P.S. That'd be, "...all seven or eight who still read Smoke on the Water!"


Happy birthday Jim! The Makers Mark and Montecristo should hit the spot.


Happy Birthday Jim. I am so glad to see that you are happy and back to your old (sorry YOUNG) self. Give Harley a hug for me and enjoy your night.

Chris Byrne

Happy birthday bud; here's to another one.


...many more of the same, sir. I think there are a few more readers than you think.


I'll have a drink to that, my you are almost grown up now.
Have a special day.

Jay G

Happy birthday, Jim. And many more. 49? Yer but a pup (although you are old enough to be my... older brother...) :)

Enjoy the day - go to the range! :)


Happy Birthday!


It's (sorry, smoke free) Tullamore Dew and staring out at a freak snow storm here in the North country. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Looking forward to meeting you in Kerrville.

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