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April 25, 2007



I may be wrong here, but I seem to remember two things:

1.) Germany wasn't the only country to use handguns to keep the troops in line, most countries had similar rules/procedures. However, most European officers had to buy their own handguns, whereas the U.S. issued it, seeing a need for it.

2.) I seem to remember that 2/3 of all child firearms accidents do not involve handguns. The other part is rifles or shotguns or a combination of the two. (And rifles can have very light triggers if modified.)

Quilly Mammoth

By the way. The Ohio gun dealer was indicted on December 11, 2003. The Double ii Set was indicted in bulk around October 14, 2004. No where in the indictment is a "Jamel Coward" mentioned.



"Frighteningly Lethal"?
I hold all firearms to be worthy of respect, deserving of reasonable caution, and inherently (necessarily) potentially lethal.

"Frighteningly Ignorant"
"Frighteningly Gullible"
"Frighteningly Agenda-driven"
I hold that all liberals are potentially worthy (but not necessarily deserving) of the above listed terms.

May we preserve the 2nd Amendment to protect us all from the intellectual cancer of willful blindness, and the threat of disarmament to our citizens.


I kept waiting for mention of a "speedloader". If you prepare properly, you need not reload the revolver chamber by chamber. I have seen LEOs with several speedloaders on their belts alongside thier revilvers - just as I have also seen others with extra magazines for their automatics.
The arguments betwwn auto- and revolver advocates continue and will continue. If the revolver misfires, you click to the next chamber.
I have also heard that a major factor in the US decision to switch from the M1911A1 to the Beretta was the Beretta's greater suitability for femail troops who found the .45 of blessed memory difficutl to handle.


The tone of that article sounds like it was lifted straight from the script of HBO's original movie "The Gun in Mama's Purse" or whatever that bit of antigun fluff was actually titled.


For Crying out loud,Newsweek is one rag of a mag,Seems like they have an antigun agenda and are grossly uneducated in the area,If your going to do an artical at least do enough research to put out something reasonably accurate,I guess like most rag mags,there out to sell magizines and make money thru sensationalism not report the facts.I have a Model 459 S&W and the serial number is one that would make a magizine like newsweek go wild ,much less a gun collector,666 you would think they wouldent even put out a weapon with that number on it ,I am an avid gun collector ,target shooter and I like to restore older guns,Yes i have more guns than i really need and most people ,like the anti gunners would say I shouldent have that many or the types I have ,but just because a few nuts in the world buy a couple guns and go crazy somewhere and shoot up the place ,or people they all seem to want to punish all of us law abideing gun collecting target shooters,Were all crazy gun nuts or criminals once some unbalanced person is sold,steals or obtains a weapon and uses it to do something horrendous,its like if a nut like that beat someone to death with a baseball bat are you going to ban baseball?? look at all those bat carrying baseball players as criminals or bat nuts?You can also obtain a great amount of safety in the home and avoid accidents thru proper security measures and educateing everyone in the home on the use and storage of the firearms ,most websites includeing the FDLE site said to show your children the firearms in your home and educate them on them so they will not be curious about them and try to get them and check them out which could result in an accident,I keep my guns locked in a gun locker with individual trigger locks and the ammo in a seperate place,I have owned guns since i learned to shoot in the boy scouts and have continualy owned them for 35 years and never had any problems ,Newsweek needs to be fair and not so pro anti gun and print something more like the above truth rather than trying to stir up the anti gun dogooder pot.I garuntee whomever wrote that artical has never fired a firearm much less knows anything about them .

Ronny Pierce

The picture you have shown appears to be hi-point's 45 or 40 cal. pistol not the C-9, 9mm

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