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April 29, 2007



Uhm...a very wild, flying guess here...is it because she's a twat? Or just plays one on TV?

Tracie Ortiz

All I can say is "WELL SAID!".


The second thing I thought was "I wonder what Rosie will have to say about this". The first was "what a nightmare on Monday morning".


And here I thought I-beams came from the ground already made.

The Healthy Skeptic

Concrete overpasses are not reinforced with the same hardened steel girders that were in the Twin Towers. Apples and oranges.

Get past Rosie O'Donnell and celebrity journalism. There are legitimate investigations and hearings taking place in the halls of our government that should have been taking place over the past four years (the legality of W's signing statements; the release, by the VP's office, of the identity of an undercover CIA agent--an act of treason, by definition; the disappearance of more than $8 billion American tax dollars in Iraq, e.g.).

While the Republicans had control of Congress, they resisted investigations; accused those who suggested investigations of being traitors; preached 'support the troops' while defunding combat pay, research for traumatic brain injury (the most common injury from Iraq), and the V.A. Hospitals (until the recent exposee); blocked the Fairness Doctrine presented by Nancy Pilosi--which they have now introduced as their own; spoke out against the use of the filibuster--which they then recently used to block the bill providing a timeline for extraction from Iraq, and on and on. Why do people seek to defend this administration's actions and conclusions?

Based on the lies perpetuated by him, resulting in an illegal war and the deaths of more than 3,000 Americans and countless Iraqis, the California State Assembly has passed a resolution calling for the impeachment of Dick Cheney.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy."


Thank you for the moveon.org front page update!!

Umm... what does this have to do with Rosie? And are you saying that you agree with her assessment that someone set explosives in the twin towers, and the plane crashes had nothing to do with the collapses?

Dale The Kid

Just Using Simple Common Sense

Let's suppose that Rosie's theory is true. (I know, I kno, but work with me here!) Let's say this was the most amazing coverup in the history of mankind.

Our government planned everything to the exact moment. Which is an amazing feat when you consider they don't have the ability to balance the nation's checkbook. Anyway, not one, but tow airpcrafts were designed to fly into the buildings at exactly the right floors the suggested bombs are placed. Then they are blown up at the most dramatic moments successfully toppling both towers.

Now add to this that all the evil government players that were involved would have to keep quiet. "'Mums' the word guys!"

The obsurdity of this conspiracy is rediculous. We have a government who blathers over anyone of thier collegues indescritions, and we're to believe that they can keep something this big a secret? HA!

Rosie lives in a hatefilled bubble where everything from natural disasters and plagues are the work of Bush. IF he can do all this--we're certainly not paying him enough. :-)


Rosie is a sweaty fat hog; she eats her own feces and then kisses her ugly-ass lesbian girlfriend. Can you imagine the smell of the furmundacheese involved w/ this oinker???

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