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April 29, 2007



"When I take hold of my .357, it becomes an extension of myself, balanced beyond perfection and aligning to with the eye and to the target as naturally as the act of looking itself."

Whoa....that is EXACTLY how I feel when I hold a titanium pool cue. That was such a *hot* sentence. Whew!

Jay G

That write-up was so good, it brought a tear to my eye, it did...

Looks like I'm gonna have to post my e-mail to Kim with a picture, too...

Jay G

Thank you, Jim, you have inspired me...


Good shooting, I own a Smith SS with a nine inch barrel, very good shot with this gun.

Hans T

Nice shooting,I did just got my 28-2 357 mag S&W highway patrolman with four inch barrel. It has been a service revolver with the Norwegian police special unit (S.W.A.T).
I am going to see how well it will shoot as soon the gunsmith opens so i can get hold of some ammo.

rick bruce

Elegant writing and kudos on that nice, tight pattern.

My S&W .357 (S/S 4" barrel) is the most revered piece of the few that I own; being a non-law enforcement D.C. area DOD Fed drone and father.



Proud to be in the club...I have a 6 inch Highway Patrolman. You're right, one bad ass ride.


Well written, indeed. I started my Texas law enforcement career many many years ago with a Model 28-2 six inch that I had bought second hand at a pawn shop and had the barrel bobbed to 4 1/2" I carried it for many years until I finally wound up at a department that allowed 'spatter-matics'. Being a cop with little disposable income, I sold the Highway Patrolman to defer the cost of a used Colt Combat Commander. To my never-ending dismay, I might add. Many years later, I have neither, and more's the pity.

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