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June 26, 2007



Beautiful, Jim.

I still think of him at times, but today, he was on my mind constantly.

I still remember being one of the first to find out, having the responsibility to share such heavy news with his closest friends and readers. I still remember the disbelief...the ache...

But most of all, I remember the void. At times, I still feel it.

He left footprints on my heart.


I frequently ask myself, "what would Acidman have written" when trying to get an idea from my head to the digits to the hard disk.

There is NO ONE ELSE who can take his place, but we all MUST TRY.

Civilization AND civility demands that.

Rey B

I said it over on Eric's (SWG) site and I will say it here: Rob is gone but not forgotten and has left us a legacy of great writing. If the measure of a man is the number of people left behind to mourn his passing and celebrate his life then the Acid Man has left great big shoes to fill.

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