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April 05, 2008



You've cleared half a century! Congrats and Happy Birthday!

Mo K.

I'm just a few years behind ya, Jim. I've decided to go along with the "we're getting better" crowd.
Gratz to you, and enjoy your day!

Guy S

Well, Happy Birthday Shipmate!! You young pup! Would be nice to see fifty again ... be better to see thirty. *grin*

Seriously, hope you have a relaxing day full of hedonistic pleasure(s) as we should all be allowed a bit of this when reaching the half century mark.

Great to see you posting again, btw, and as the muse strikes, hope to see more.

Ye ol' retired Squid, still in the hinterlands of northern Illinois


So we should call off the search party?

Happy Birthday, Jim. I'm glad to see you back in the game.


Welcome back and happy birthday. I'd deleted you out of my favorites a while back but just hit the Grouchy Crip's link and there you were again. Missed your writings.


Well, if it's any consolation, you sure do look great. Happy birthday, dude. Maybe a post a little more often than bi-yearly?

Omnibus Driver

Happy belated! Stop with the Over-the-Hill stuff already. I'm right behind you (8/11), and I refuse to grow up... let alone consider that hill.


Gongrats young man, you are finaly starting to grow up.
Wellcome back

Dudleys Diary

Happy 50th Birthday!


Da Goddess

Congrats and a very happy birthday, indeed. I hope you're still celebrating.


... many, many happy returns, big guy....


...and there WILL be many more sir.

Keep 'em all in the black.

Jim - PRS

I'm late to the party, but I hope you had a happy boitday.


We both had doubts you'd make it,but you did!
May the next 50 be be kind to you!


Happy belated birthday!


Happy Birthday and welcome back to your keyboard.

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