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March 09, 2011


Rob De Witt

And now I'll tell you a tale.....

Are you old enough to remember Phone Phreaks? In the '60s, at the inception of direct dial, some genius with perfect pitch realized that the tone in the system which accessed the long-distance trunk amounted to 2600 cycles per second - which, handily enough, was the exact tone produced by the little plastic bosun's pipe that came in each package of Cap'n Crunch. Blow it into the phone at the proper time, and Free long distance for all! Until Ma Bell figured out what was going on, at which point things got a little ugly.

"Cap'n Crunch" became a legend among Phone Phreaks, of course. And the best part of the legend was that "Cap'n Crunch" was actually Jose Feliciano.

Times was lots more fun before computers, Matey...


I'll miss having the roof of my mouth torn to shreds by the Cap'n. :(


What De said. I was a purist - none of those newfangled Crunch Berries or anything for moi.


I was a counter-geek to the Phreaks, and made the first ever arrest and prosecution of one of them for possession of a Blue Box right here in Stumptown in the early 70's.

Of course, the perp wasn't hard to spot, driving his retired still-Olive Ma Bell ford Econoline van, with the Blue Box right on the seat next to him...

The arrest blew our CSI away though, they had no clue about Blue Boxes, but I got a Bell engineer to 'splain it all to them.

Mo K.

Glad to see you well and blogging, Cap'n Jim!

Now onto my soapbox...

Money phrase from the original article: "pressure from the White House..."

Where the hell is it written in the Constitution that it's among the president's duties to pressure food companies to make or not make certain products?

And where the hell is it written in the Constitution that the president's spouse has ANY power whatsoever?

I am sick of living in a damn monarchy, run by nannies who think they know how to run my life better than I do.

I haven't bought Cap'n Crunch in years, but that was MY choice. And I want choices, not government-mandated uniformity. If they keep getting their way, every item you can think of will fall into one of two categories: forbidden and mandatory. There will be no choice, no discretion, no options. Argh!

That is all.

Well, prolly not. ;-)


I've never eaten a bowl of Cap'n Crunch in my life. When it arrived on the scene (1963) I was a senior in high school. Uh-oh.....

Well, still - I'm feeling rather rebellious after reading your post, so I believe I'll see if I can't find a box in the grocery and have some for old times' sake.

I'd stockpile some, but there's not much room left between the boxes of incandescent light bulbs.


Damn, I'm glad to see you posting again, I hadn't checked in a while. Will have to make this a daily stop again.

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